QOTD from Glowforge: First week with your Glowforge-- What does it look like?

This. Yup.

Where it will live: On a table that we just built to fit it, in my office.

Who will use it: Just me. :slightly_smiling:

What will get made the first week: Not a thing. I’ve never used a laser cutter before. I’ll be learning, and testing the machine on various materials, to get the best settings for each material, and to see if the filter holds up. (If not, I’ll have to move it to a vented room upstairs.) Eventually though, I plan to put it to use on the (literally) thousands of vector cutting files/designs that I have on hand. I’m buying this machine because I can use them as they are, and don’t have to spend a lifetime converting them to another format. I’m planning to experiment with everything, materials-wise, and will probably wind up modifying a lot of the designs for different materials as I get to know their characteristics.

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Where it will live: In our project room.

Who will use it: My husband & I…and then I’m sure friends and family once they find out we have a laser!

What will get made the first week: Currently I am overwhelmed by all the cool possibilities I have seen so far… I guess that’s how I will be using the next several months.


Welcome @imitating, have you lurked before? So many cool topics to explore.

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Been spending a lot of time browsing the forums today. There are so many things we have tried making/cutting by hand throughout the years, we are so excited to have laser.


Who will be using it : I will be using it - unless I can convince the G/F to do some artwork
Where it will live: I hope to have it live in the computer/animal room however depending on noise level to spare bunny/chinchilla ears I may have to move it to the living room or bed room
What will get made the first week: I am a laser/cad/cam virgin I hope to during the pre ship time learn to use some free software
my first week I hope to be making some houses for the chinchilla’s
not sure how I am going to get my ROI maybe dabble in some inlay stuff serving boards coasters etc… hope to find some site some place where I can pull work orders from and make the money off
still not 100% sure if this was the smartest purchase I have made have been chewing on it sense oct but the recent beta/UI updates pushed me over the edge


How do the chinchilla’s do with vacuum cleaners?
The ‘forge won’t be that loud, just sayin’.


The chins are pretty good when I vacuum but I’m in and out with that machine in about 5 min. berta my rabbit hates the vacuum she climbs up the cat tree or just leaves the room all together. my concern is the exhaust system (I didn’t order it just yet because I didn’t want to much on the CC ill add it a bit later) I read a post from dan some time back that the fans are rather loud but I believe that has to do with some software calibration still needing to get done


Where ?----- on a home made traveling fit to size table.
Who ?------just me and my demons.
What ?-------gears and more gears…oh and the candle thingy from the glowcast !
(gonna make a mutated wall of turning gears from different materials)


My expectation is that the first week will be pretty evenly split between sitting in the basement zapping everything in arms reach with a laser; driving to every crafter, flooring shop, furniture shop, and other large scale maker of things to beg for their laserable offcuts; swearing as I try to remember how all these little pieces of an overambitious project go together; and ignoring the incessant ringing of my phone as my day job keeps trying to insist I come into the work, despite the offices severe lack of lasers.

There might be sleep and food in there somewhere… maybe.


Where will it live: My Glowforge will live in my air-conditioned shop (I live in Florida)

On the red table.

Who will use it: Mainly me, but I can see my step kids and neighbors participating too.

What will get made the first week: I plan to do engraving pictures on wood first, but I plan to make coasters, acrylic projects, intarsia and try to do some marquetry.


Who will use it: Me, my wife, and my two sons (after some training).

What will get made the first week: probably just some test cuts to get use to the machine and the software. Probably try to make a little acrylic costume jewelry, cut some custom wooden pieces for a table-top game I’ve been working on – and I want to make a wallet. Loved that part of the promo video.


Where it will live: My office
Who will use it: Me only, I don’t trust my spawn or my husband with it.
What will get made the first week:Necklaces, mobiles, buttons, wooden appliques for my husbands guitar, some 3D art I have another local artist currently working on and a few things my teens and tweens want me to make :slight_smile: