QOTD from Glowforge: What do you do with your time (professionally and/or personally)?

Other categories have pretty much concluded that the Glowforge wavelength will not penetrate glass.

Custom Laser — Custom CO2 laser tube operating at 10,600 nm averages 40W for Basic Model and 45W for Pro Model
from the tech specs page for the Glowforge in case you want to look it up.

And to answer the question of the day:
I enjoy solving problems. I basically contract myself out doing that mostly with software so for the time being it feels like retirement. When it stops I’ll probably look for new challenges.

Professionally: Watchmaker (repair only) for a major Swiss brand in Melbourne (Australia), 15 years behind the tweezers…

Personally: Watchmaker (manufacture) I’ve been working on my personal watch design for at least 12 years, taught myself most of the processes required to do so and have made 4 prototypes so far, though the most recent one appears to be the final (hooray!)
(Google Ashtonwatch if you’re curious)

My time at home is split between my wife (jeweller who pushed us into getting the GF), my watch design, and archery, which we both do relatively competitively.

I also dabble with RC planes, helicopters and boats, also full size light sport type aircraft, though most of that is on hold till I can afford to put more time into it!



I’m the electrical engineer at Glowforge. I design all the super cool PCBs that you may see floating around the Glowforge - lots of camera interfaces, high-speed processor design, and other neat behind-the-scenes stuff :smile:
Before Glowforge, I worked in the aerospace industry designing software-defined radios and high voltage mass spectrometer electronics.

I work with a few art collectives to do print/installation art around Seattle. Right now I’m designing a tube amp in the style of a 1930s console radio that I’ll make on the Glowforge and curating/editing a zine for my collective’s upcoming show Erasure.


Professionally: Creative Director (graphics) as well as an accessory/product/apparel designer (freelance/contract)… past jobs include professional skateboarder, founded and sold two different street-wear apparel companies, art director at a graphic/signage movie/commercial prop shop where I learned a lot about fabricating using laser’s, cnc equipment and had access to a full machine shop, head of design for accessories & products for Vans shoes where I traveled the world doing r&d of sampling and production protos… I really enjoy learning the process of manufacturing which helps me to be a better designer. Been called an "idea guy and a dreamer, so who knows what’s next.

Personally: Husband to great women, father to three furry children, avid surfer and outdoorsmen, love to create art and make stuff by experimenting with new and old processes and cooking…

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Professionally: I’m currently a Technology Director at a digital media agency.
I spent 7.5 years at Disney working in software engineering, worked for a number of startups, and used to work in game design as well as 3D animation for film and television. I also work for the Stan Winston School of Character Arts helping share professional special effects techniques with artists around the world.

Personally: I spend my free time running the special effects company Vex FX, working on smaller projects (music videos, commercials, TV pilots, web series, shorts, etc) as well as working in the Halloween and Haunted Attraction industry. I’m very active in the maker community, and spend a good deal of time at a local hackerspace called CRASH Space.

My primary project right now is an animatronic “Skeksis” creature suit based on the character from Jim Henson’s movie “The Dark Crystal” which uses a lot of laser cut components.


Professionally and personally, I’m a full time dad with 2 full time jobs. I import and sell laser cutters and I laser cut things on those laser cutters.

I run Just Add Sharks where we sell laser cutters to makers, we’re super excited and can’t wait to get our glowforge because of sheer potential of the fancy camera features.

I draw and cut items for myself and commissions for others, It’s how I started in the business 4 years and I’ve been blogging the whole thing ever since as my hobby slowly became my job.

I’m pleased to see there will be other glow forge owners here across the pond

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Professionally, I’ve worked mostly in IT. Software testing, network administrator, and software support. I did not finish a college degree, and most of what I’ve learned is self-taught.

Personally, my wife and I have 4 children and 2 grandchildren. I’m an amateur woodworker and am looking forward to customizing some of my products using the glowforge.

I love this! Great idea @Tony!

Professionally - I am the founder & product manager of the LaunchPad microcontroller platform from Texas Instruments. These are low-cost, easy to use hardware prototyping tools for engineers, makers, students & anyone else who wants to blink their first LED, spin a motor, or start delving into the internet of things (IoT). I work with makers & engineers of all experience levels to ensure that we’re building tools that make it easier for folks to start making things with electronics.

Personally, I am based in Dallas TX with my wife & pug (Ollie!). I am deeply embedded in the maker community & love to see success stories such as the one we now have with Glowforge. In fact, I think there’s a lot of parallels between Glowforge & the LaunchPad ecosystem — both take seemingly “hard” processes & lowers the barrier of entry in terms of affordability & ease-of-use. In addition, both are heavily driven by the cohesiveness, friendliness & effort of a growing community of users/developers supporting/using the product.

@aeva BTW - if you ever have a shortage of microcontroller dev kits, let me know! I’d love to have a big ol’ box of LaunchPad kits at-the-ready in the Glowforge office! As you know, microcontrollers make for perfect “guts” to glowforge-based enclosures to drive LEDs, spin motors, etc!



Professionally: I run the Tech Support department at a large California golf resort. There is not a lot “making” going on there. Just being the IT Guy.

Personally: I like to make stuff, all kinds of stuff. Usually in wood but sometimes plastic and metal.My latest project is a pool table, designed and built from scratch to fit into a wine themed room. Eventually I will build a top for it using wooden wine crates so that it can also be used as a dining table.

With this hobby I have a lot of tools and I can’t wait to add the Glowforge. There are so may possibilities that don’t know what I will do first.


Professionally I am pastor of a medium size church in Missouri. I’ve done loads of IT work for small schools getting them wired up and running. Taught technology and computer for 20 years K-12. Have set up a few libraries for Koha open source ILS and still have to giggle that it really is free! Probably would have learned coding but instead did more hardware and networking because there was no one else around who knew it or could figure it out.

Personally I love to cook and spend my day off at my cabin in the woods making odds and ends of things. Recently built a wood fired pizza oven. No internet or phone at the cabin so it looks like the GF will go into my office. Really think it will help make bespoke items of personal significance to others for whatever valid reason.



Professionally – I’m a faculty member in the Communication Studies Department at a community college in southern California. I primarily teach public speaking, intercultural communication, and interpersonal communication. I will be on sabbatical during the spring 2016 semester (offering me plenty of time to learn the software program(s) necessary to use my new Glowforge). I am still trying to find a way to integrate laser cutting into Communication Studies…hmm.

Personally – I live with my partner (a professor of Philosophy at the University of California at San Diego) and his mom (a retired entrepreneur from Seattle). They are already dreaming up things for me to make with the Glowforge. I spent most of August in Belltown and will be back in the Seattle area this December (yay).


Professionally I work retail sales though it is better than that might imply. I work in Redmond WA at a board game store selling games like Catan, Dominion, and Robot Turtles. Its a good time.

Personally I am a stay at home mother who makes cosplay props for friends. Now that my child is old enough to be a part time job the prop making will be a real endeavor. The Glowforge was purchased with this in mind.

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Hi all. Got my pre-order for a Pro in a few days ago, and thought this was the perfect thread to introduce myself.

Professionally I’m a former European automobile technician now working in auto parts sales.

Personally, I’m a creator at heart who’s not happy unless I’m learning new things and putting that to use. I’m currently in school for CAD/CAM to help me get the most out of my designs and 3D printer.

I’m looking forward to what I can do with the GF, and how I can combine it with my skills in 3D printing, powder coating, anodizing, mechanical design and prototyping.

(FYI, I’m an avid Catan player, and the custom tiles in the promo video sold me… :wink: lol)

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Well I don’t know if I’m more intimidated or excited by all this new talent I’m seeing here!

Professionally, I’m a graphic designer for a print company in Fort Worth, TX that specializes in supplying customizable materials for real estate. It sounds a lot fancier than it actually is, but it’s close to my house so I can see my family more.

I’m also media director/producer for a rodeo company. We put on shows that local town fairs and festivals including Granbury, TX. According to the map, another fellow glowforger resides there. I’m curious to see who that is.

I like building things and seeing how things work. I would really like to be in IT or some sort of engineering field to feed my creative side. As soon as I find a way to get the education, maintain my day job, and not go into debt at the same time, I hope to start that journey. If you have any pointers, send em my way.

Personally, I’m a husband and father of two girls (3 and 1.5yrs). My wife and I do DIY projects like replicate Restoration Hardware furniture. We also like building huge props for our church Vacation Bible School every summer.

I’m hoping to use the GF to build and sell all things I’ve had rattling around in my head but haven’t had the means to construct. Hopefully I can pay it off that way and start funding some STEM education for myself to better provide for my family.



Professionally: enterprise cloud developer (the actual cloud).
Personally: heavy metal, craft beer, horses, dogs, building stuff and forest work is what I do.

Glowforge? Got a software idea I must try.

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It’s been great reading through everyone else’s backgrounds.

Professionally, and personally, I’m in the Visual Arts!

I recently graduated from a Fine Art degree, in no particular specialisation since I tended to do pretty well all around. I dabble in painting, drawing, hand-drawn animation and jewellery when I get a chance. For the last year I have been taking a break from study to work part time at a beautiful historic museum & gallery by the river, down in Perth, Western Australia. But I’ve come to the decision that next year I will be focusing my creative energies on making a serious attempt as life as an artist. I will be finishing my honours studies before moving on to (hopefully) bigger and better things, of which I plan the Glowforge to be a part.

Here’s a link to my social media if anyone’s interested in seeing a bit of art I’ve done lately: Facebook / Tumblr (I’ve only just started getting back into it recently)

I also dabble in 3D printing, which I have so far been using to create cosplay props and small models to paint. Once I get my 3D modelling skills up to scratch I will be designing a lot more of my own aesthetic and functional pieces (up until now I have been mostly limited to downloading Thingiverse models).

Really looking forward to using the Glowforge for wooden jewellery, leather and a few other bits and pieces to sell at markets. I almost guarantee that I will laser my toast in it at least once. My partner is heavily into miniature tabletop wargaming, and we are excited about using the GF & 3D printing to make some nice things to go along with that too.

Sometimes I think that maybe I buy way too many gadgets - I’m also forking out for a 3D scanner Kickstarter this month.


A lot of leather products at rodeos… You have a laser cutter (or will), which seems like an awesome opportunity for some custom branded leatherwear…

Professionally, I’m a software engineer at Moz in the Seattle area. Moz is cool.

Personally, I have lot’s of hobbies. Sailing, kayaking, hiking, biking, hunting, and most time-consuming of all, I run a webcomic called anotherwebcomic.com. I’m also freshly based out of West Seattle.

I’m looking forward to making all sorts of goodies with my glowforge, lots of brackets for shelves and curtain rods, handy things for around the boat (to keep everything from sliding), and eventually hopefully some skin on frame and/or stitch and glue kayaks.

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I’m going to be talking with the boss man about that very thing this week.