QR code blanks

Just for ease of using other materials or not worrying about crossing over the QR code I have a blank that captures the code on a new sheet

The only requirement is to mark any sheet as soon as you cut the code out

The cut out on the side is so that you can get an accurate thickness measurement


I am sure this is helpful for many users. Personally, I have not used the QR codes for years since I find it just as easy to select the material in the materials menu and carry on.


yea, I scanned in all the QR codes and made my own stickers, never ever used them


You can’t engrave over them anyway, even the original “reasonable” ones, let alone the ones they have now.

I just put it in “upside down”…


Just an FYI to anyone who doesn’t already know this: the QR codes are unique to each sheet, so in theory the settings could be different. I don’t think this has happened, but I could imagine if the formula changes or GF is buying the wood from multiple manufacturers that have slight differences in performance, they would be able to customize it and your saved QR codes may not give the right settings.


That’s actually pretty smart, lol. I just cut right through them usually, lol.

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WHo knew? Good tip!