QR Code format?

I’ve seen a lot of talk here about how to store settings, etc…is it possible, maybe, to create our own QR codes like the ones on proofgrade materials that contain the settings we’ve come up with for a particular material?

Settings are not part of the QR. Pretty much just contains a type/serial number that is indexed against settings at the company. That way they can tweak the settings for materials.


Ahhh. Phooey. For a second there I felt kind of brilliant. :yum:


That IS brilliant.


You could still print the QR codes for the :proofgrade: materials and put them on non-proograde ones of the same type and thickness. I’m definitely going to try this as it would save so much time.

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There is a pull down menu/search for all of the PG materials. Select Medium Maple Plywood for example and all the settings populate just like the QR.

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And it’s much quicker than having to print a QR code and place it on the material.