Quarto game (with custom pieces)

I first heard about this game sometime last year and immediately knew I wanted to make a few sets. This is my first version which I’m giving to my nephew who turns 10 next week!

Pieces are slightly different then traditional** Quarto pieces, but I wanted give it my own spin. Red tops and silver edged parts (on the tall pieces) were colored with Sharpie. Hex bolts are 1/4"-20 x 3/8 for short pieces and 5/8 inch for the tall pieces. I ran a tap through all the pieces before assembling.

Rules are on back of game board.

** characteristics for traditional pieces

cc: @gernreich :slight_smile:


I’m not familiar with the game but I like your project. I’m sure your nephew will love it.


Nicely done! I love this creative variation of the pieces.

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Your nephew will love this birthday gift and have hours of fun playing with his friends. By the way, his friends are going to want their own sets.


Big fun here! Neat game, too!


I have never played that game, but it sounds like a lot of fun!

Great job, it looks great! He should love it.


Great gift … I love games!

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I love this game, simple but full of strategy! I love it even more now that someone has made a copy with their :glowforge:!


Nice! I happen to own an original Quarto and it’s a fun strategy game. I love the twist of choosing the piece for your opponent.

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Yes, I didn’t really see how strategic that unique rule was going to come into play until I played a few games and the board was starting to fill up. Oooooh! :open_mouth: We’re enjoying this game.