This holiday season my wife and I 3D printed around thirty sets of a game called Quarto

It is a great game for kids and adults :slightly_smiling_face: My mom taught me chess when I was a kid, I love her for that :slightly_smiling_face: Had this game existed at that time I think it would have been a better game for her to teach me! That tells you how much I think of this game.

For those math geeks is it represents the highest integer answer for the equation 2^X=X^2

I can see an interesting version of this made on the GF😁

p.s. The knot on the bag is from the ABOK :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That is a more complicated version of many games. However, do many casual players ever win when playing each other? It seems like chess in the amount of time you must devote to it. - Rich


I think it takes around ten games to go from casual to regular player :grin: Given the four variables you need to stay aware of and the several ways to win it stays interesting :slightly_smiling_face:

A casual player has won against me on the third game because there are so many things to stay aware of. You can feel your brain working :grin:


Where do you think the game is most popular? I’ve never heard of it until now. (nothing unusual for me) - Rich


It dawned on me you can also play this game with 16 Set cards.


Thanks for sharing. I love games. I love the complexity (which is different from simply being complicated). Complexity brings depth to a game, complication simply makes it harder. Bookmarked so I can remember once my glowforge gets here. Thanks again! :smile:


Love this game – I have the original version and “rediscover” it every few years. Nice prints, may have to make a set for a friend who’s an avid gamer.

Thanks for sharing!


Not sure where if anywhere it is popular. The game was invented around 1999. It could be played with strips of paper counting binary from zero to fifteen, there are a few designs on thingiverse. I like this one because it is the same on both ends so there is no wrong side up as there is in the wooden version you can buy.


15% fill for those of you 3D printer people out there. And I printed it at 150% size and the game board at 160%


Love SET! My younger daughter beats me a lot :grin:


My kids whoop me regularly at it.

To play quarto, just go through the cards and select those with only pairs of attributes, like only red/green, oval/diamond, ones/twos, and solid/hollow. That will give you 16 cards. Make a playing surface the size of a 4x4 array of cards, and you’ve got Quarto!


It could also be played with Venn diagrams or i ching hexagrams if you only payed attention to four of the lines :slightly_smiling_face:


SET is fantastic! Just got it for Christmas. Turns out my friend who complains losing in other games because it all depends on “luck” like Sequence, etc., didn’t really enjoy this game which, in my opinion, is ALL skill and 0% luck!


My wife loves board games…while I tolerate most of them…lol