Question about BB Ply Pricing

Query to the GF world : What’s the best pricing you’ve seen for BB ply?

Knowing full well that cutting down sheets from a local lumber yard is the most economical, the best I’ve found so far is 5’x5’ sheets of 3mm at $11.79 and 6mm for 20.49. At that size they slice up evenly into 15 12”x20” pieces resulting in a per piece price of .79 for 3mm and 1.37 for 6mm. (this lumberyard will conveniently make the first 5 cuts free, .50/cut thereafter per order). Does that sound reasonable or too high?

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Looks very reasonable to me. I wish a lcl lumberyard carried it.


I would buy a lot more at that price especially real BB

I pay $0.95 for 12x12 pieces or $1.75 for 12x20 pieces. Haven’t found anyone cheaper whose wood is consistently good and cut accurately.

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