Question about converting an STL (3d printed design) to SVG

Hello everyone,

I have created a lot of designs for 3d printing. I would like to take a few of my designs and convert them into something I could use my Glowforge for. I am proficient with Open SCAD, but also use Fusion 360. I would like to take the frame from this thing that I designed, and make it out of wood engraved/cut on the Glowforge.

The design is a Lithophane pencil cup. I plan on still using the 3d printer to do the Lithophanes, but would like to make the frame (bottom, sides, and top) out of wood. I am just looking for some general help in what that process would look like.


Some inspiration maybe:

As for converting stl to f360, that’s not where I live.


You could give Blender a try. I’m pretty sure it has SVG export capabilities.


I think I’ll probably end up doing something a bit different to the design rather than just trying to convert it to an SVG. For the base and top, I may be able to do a score, with the hopes of going about 1mm deep. The part I’m not sure about is how I would join the posts to the base (which would also need a 1mm score on the inside on two separate sides). I could definitely modify the base a bit where they could sit flush and rise up, but I’d have to figure out a way to join them. Preferably with something other than glue.

When I want to cut a face from Fusion 360 I use Shaper( I believe it’s an add-in) and Export to Origin, select the face, check the advanced square and then save a s svg file to my computer. I then import into Inkscape and make any other additions or modifications needed. Never had a problem.

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That is what I’d suggest. Your design implementation is quite a bit different for the two tools and you’d be better served with separate design approaches to play to the strengths of each.

I see 3D Printing and the Glowforge as complementary processes but not direct substitutes for each other.

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