Question about cutting power/speed


I was working on some designs for when I get my glowforge and as a laser newbie I was wondering what problems would occur if I upped the power for cutting on a project. For instance if I had cut 1/4" cherry at 50% power and a random speed setting, and on this project I had just purchased a new batch of 1/4" cherry, what, if any, issues would arise if I just cut it at 80% power at the same speed as before just to gurantee a cut?


I imagine maybe a wider kerf then expected, and tube life


More smoke staining (if it wasn’t covered to prevent that). Wider kerf. And if you have a lot of intricate details, possibly some scorching. If going slow enough, and lots of fine detail, possibly fire.




Also “backsplash”, where you get a reflection from the grate that etches a shadow of the crumb tray grate into the back of your material.


Oooooh! I always blamed that on my honeycomb being really dirty, and the air assist causing particles to blow up and embed themselves in the bottom of the wood.


Those may be contributing factors, but correct power settings can definitely cause or eliminate it.