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Hello GF Community, I have a question about the free designs from GF, are we allowed to use those designs as our own, make the things and sell the actual things? whether modified or not ?
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No, the designs in the Free Laser Designs are for personal use only. Commercial use is strictly forbidden unless stated otherwise.

no not in the community forum, I am talking about the GF Design Catalog. The ones you get free with Premium or you buy.

The Free with Premium designs are different than the other catalog designs, I believe the regular catalog designs are for personal use only - no sales of the file or items made. The Free with Premium files however, can be made for sale if I read the September announcement correctly.

Unlimited free designs - Get access to print dozens of beautiful and practical designs in the new “Free with Premium ” section of the catalog. You can print as many as you want - for yourself, for gifts, or even to sell! They’re all free as long as you’re a Premium member. And this is just the start… see below for a peek at what’s coming soon for these designs. (Note: you will need a credit card on file to use this feature during the free trial).


The free with premium items come with commercial rights to sell the items you made. The regular catalog does not.

If you look at the description in the catalog, the ones that have commercial rights will say so in the item description.

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It depends, and it will specify on the design page in the catalog, which is helpful.


You can do a search for License: Commercial use


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