Question about earthen tile

I have a box of leftover stone tile that I am wanting to put to use in the laser. The top of the tile is smooth and shiny like it has been coated with something, is it safe to use with the glowforge? I know some people have been etching tile so I thought I would ask for some input please.

I can’t think of anything hazardous.
With any tile etching I think the biggest hazard to the machine may be the flaking of the glaze into tiny sharp abrasive pieces that travel throughout the machine.
Others will weigh in…

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I’ve done corian, granite, marble, limestone, quarry tile, ceramic tile and porcelain tile. I think they have phased out using uranium for yellow colors in ceramics, so you might be ok. I’d be wary of anything that looked like a metallic finish. Best to see if you can find a materials sheet if you are concerned.


Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it