Question about the shipping for everyone

from when you got the E-mail how long did it take to get to you and what is your proximity to where it was shipped from?

I’m not sure, of course, but I think I may have gotten one of the ones stacked up while they were waiting for packaging material because time between email and delivery was particularly fast.

I’m in the Seattle area, email was on 9/26, they gave the machine to UPS on 10/6 and I got it on 10/10.


I asked UPS to hold it for pick up at the hub thinking that up until the last truck there may be people around to help carry and reduce the likelihood of damage. Looks like it still fell on the corner of something else (dent and a tear) and only two handles remained, but the machine was pristine.


I would consult the spreadsheet for timeliness

Email: Sept 8
Shipped: Sept 29
Arrived at my house: Oct 2

24 days total.


ok so I ran a check on the spreadsheet, and here is the average wait time: