Question day.. sorry Ways to categorize projects on app


I have 2 things that bug me with the glowforge app.
1- If I upload a svg and then modify the output the image doesn’t refresh… example many times the file will have too many parts to fit on glowforge so I will re-organize or remove some pieces… but then whatever displays on the app is the original svg and not my “modified” layout
2- I have some prints that will need many different materials but they come as one project, is there a way to make sure they are “grouped” together… folders ? Tags ?


Likely not an answer you’re looking for via the GFUI–I always manage my files in my computer, and have many folders by image types and by specific projects. I’ve always had issues with the GF library, so I just upload.

So for 1) I try to remember to modify my file so the next time I load it, it’s correct for the GF, and 2) manage this myself with my project folders in my computer’s drive…

Yeah, it’s not the best. We just recently got “View All”!

I will say, for projects with multiple materials, I still upload them all as one big image - and then move the wood pieces to one spot, the acrylic to another, etc. That way I know I’m using the version of all the pieces that work together

I also re-upload a finalized project using a pretty picture as my first upload - then once that image is set in the GFUI I delete it from the project and load the actual file within - so I can see at a glace whether that’s something I’m still working on, or if it’s good to go:

In case that’s helpful :slight_smile:


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