Question for Dan

hey @dan can you confirm if forum “admins” have access to our personal information - someone keeps altering my headers.

That was me. Sorry. I thought you were posting a humorous topic with the moving sidewalk gif and there was a request to change the topic title. I apologize profusely.

I will sit on my hands regarding topics and not abuse my power. I am not an admin, just a regular user and I don’t have any view into anyone’s personal information.

My mistake. Sorry.


Glowforge employees do, which they may only access per the terms of our user agreement (e.g. to verify your order).

As noted in the other thread, longtime users do have the ability to organize threads, including changing titles. I believe @marmak3261 was trying to undo a change inappropriately caused by someone else - thank you, @marmak3261.