Question for Illustrator CC expert

Hey folks, I’m kinda tearing my hair out here. I was happily using a very old version of Illustrator (CS5) until I had to update my Mac to Mojave and bit the bullet, going with Adobe CC. I’m happy for the most part, but it’s doing something that drives me crazy and maybe you can help.

Every so often my preferences reset to defaults and the links to my Glowforge template disappear and I have to go hunting for it all over again. I’ve got my auto-update set to off and this seems to happen when I have not initiated an update.

Anybody know what gives?

Not sure about the random resetting of preferences, but if you stash your GF template file in the same folder as the .ait files that come with the install they’ll pop up easily. If you don’t have permissions to save there directly you can usually bypass by copying/moving the file into the correct folder. You may have to tell your computer that, yes, you are administrator a few times.

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