Question for long time owners

Misuse of words…should have been priding Dan and all of his great team for building such a solid machine.


.8 years Hephaestus + 3 years Erichthonius
We thought the WiFi chip had died, so they sent me a replacement - turns out our neighbors had cut our cable and we run our WiFi through the walls…so the first one probably went out to someone else as a refurb. Long live Hephaestus :slight_smile: and hear hear to the “Try setting up your phone as a hotspot” set of instructions.


While I don’t know if I qualify as a “long time owner” … I do feel like a “long time Glowforge guy”.

I preordered in early 2016, but living in Canada meant I had to wait over three years to take delivery of my :glowforge: !

To answer your questions:

  1. I’ve had my :glowforge: 2 years as of mid-June
  2. No issues at all
  3. Never had to send back a unit*

*However, I did have to return the air filter when it finally arrived several months after the Glowforge itself. They had sent me a European air filter that required 230V power, rather than the North American version.


Had my Basic since Aug 2018. Only issue was black lid cable.


Had mine since the end of September. Not gonna answer the other questions for fear of “shooting the clown”… (Infer what you’d like)

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  1. How long have you had your GF? mid June 2019
  2. How many issues have you had (major) (can you tell me what they where) over 30 issues.
    1.first one arrived with water spilled all inside and out. got replaced
    2nd one arrived exact same way. from that day on, it has been one issues with another.
  3. interent connections issues ( my internet is great )
  4. won’t cut accurately
  5. won’t center
  6. get stuck on scanning
  7. get stuck on centering
  8. head won’t move around during start up
    and he list goes on and on.
    now im waiting on the 3rd replacement and having to pay around $10,000.
    so far this machine has been one issue with another. for those that are fortunate to have a great working machine I envy you. till today I have never had one successful project even made nor done.
  9. how many times have you sent your GF back to the mothership? 3
    3a) and for what reason read above.

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