Question for those using S6 fan

I am currently using 4” duct and looking to use 6” ducting from the back of the GF just not sure about the best way to go about connecting it since the back port on the GF is 4”. The only option I see is a 4” to 6” converter on Amazon but it’s $52. Appreciate and ideas or advice. Thanks!

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Do you know someone with a 3D printer? I made an adapter for the back flange so that it is easier to fit the vent hose to the machine. I know there are some folks who have made these before. Do you live where there is a Rockler or big woodworking store? They often have different flanges and adaptors in stock for exhaust setup.

Not sure what types of rubber adaptors are available in the plumbing section of the hardware store in terms of OD/ID, but there do have lots of different kinds to transition from different pipes for waste pipes.


just be careful, PVC 4" is NOT Dryer vent 4" - I got bitten on that one.
why go for the bigger duct size? (curious) will it give you that much better suction?

From what I read it is best to use 6” all the way through for better air flow I am only using it one side of the fan that attaches to the window. Thanks for the heads up on the pvc!

Thanks for the advice did not think of the plumbing section :thinking: I don’t know anyone with a 3D printer or with the expertise to make that attachment. I would buy one from someone for a decent price though.

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you know the ‘bottleneck’ is still the 4" opening on the glowforge, the 6" fan may have more air-movement then a 4" (I would check numbers) but the difference may not justify the cost.
there are a bunch of tech people on here (@evansd2) who may have a much more informed answer / opinion on this…


Look again on Amazon. I see a fancy rubber one with hose clamps for $22…

Lots of other cheaper options too. Maybe a little duct tape is required to make use of those? :sunglasses:


You may have a point there I have already been running the S6 since day one so I guess I’ll just do the 6” on the GF end as well.

SWEET thanks for the link I will definitely be looking into that piece!

I’m going to try and get a 3D printer set up again after a move. I’d be happy to print out an adaptor for the exhaust port to a 6" pipe or hose as you need. I might be doing this same thing. Let me know if you haven’t gotten a solution yet.


Thanks so much for that offer! Very generous. I did finally find one on Etsy though!

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Is this what you’re talking about?

If so, I bought it since I wanted it now and it fits perfectly. And it’s offset so it doesn’t interfere with my pass through slot. I recommend it. Now I just have to start using my GF more. The upside is les cleaning.:crazy_face: