Question on etching old window glass

I have not got my GF yet I should be receiving it by end of next week. I do have a question regarding glass. Can you etch on glass from old windows? I work at a window company any I can get all the old wood windows from tear outs that I want for free. All I need to do is take them apart (no big deal for free material). Can anyone advise me on if they have ever used glass from an old widow to etch on or is this not a good material to use?

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Most glass can be engraved on (not etching - that’s a chemical process.)

As to the specific pieces you have, you will just have to test. There are many formulations, but it’s unlikely to be an issue.


At one time I made glass plates and bowls by slumping them into ceramic molds. If you can get a circle cutter you can pop the circles out quite easily and sand the edges to take out sharp edges.

The glass is quite standard Soda Lime formulas. There is more iron in it due to cheaper sources of sand, that gives it that funny green color but unless it is extremely old it will all work the same.

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