Question re Power

When helping others, some of us have suggested unplugging the unit. I think even I’ve suggested it.

My question is… Is there anything to that suggestion with the Glowforge? Does the power switch actually kill the power to the unit? Or does it go into some “standby” mode at all? Any part remain charged while plugged in? Basically, I’d like to confirm if we should or should not continue to recommend the action as having a potentially positive result.



I’m looking for an official post from the mother ship about this, but can’t find any. I thought there was something somewhere along the line, but can’t find it. Here at least is anecdotal evidence regarding unplugging, as you may recall since you posted right after this one in response.

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As long as we’re on anecdotal evidence, I’ve found that the repeated calibration failures eventually go away and don’t seem to be tied to any particular variant of rubber chicken waving. Sometimes I’ve logged out of the app (which makes no sense calibration should be happening independent of that), other times I’ve turned it off and taken a 5 minute break, and still other times I just keep at it and by the third or fourth attempt, it works. Usually the magic trigger to make it work is setting up a camera so I can capture the failure. I still haven’t managed to get it to do the orange light while being recorded.

I suspect this is one of those situations where we are all seeing connections that don’t exist. As far as I can tell, the only official response has been to turn it off and move the head under the camera.

Also, soft power with a toggle switch? If they did that, it would irritate me even more than the delays.


Indeed. As it is next to the IEC inlet and looks like a mains rated toggle switch I am guessing it is a single pole switch on the live.

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That’s exactly why I asked. But since it keeps getting suggested, I figured I’d get us an official answer.

…and you probably knew that would happen. A watched pot never boils. :smiley:


You’re welcome to either switch the unit off or unplug it; there’s no significant difference.