Question regarding Settings after extended use

I’ve been printing a few draft board sheets that were all purchased from the same source/same time. I was using the setting of 160 speed/ full power (a little slower speed compared to the preset settings for medium draft board). This worked great for the first board, pretty good for the second but didn’t cut all the way through for the third board. Is this typical? I have a Plus rather than Pro so maybe I’m overloading it. I just find it strange that the same settings aren’t working for each board.

Second question, does anyone have an easy fix for recut if it doesn’t work the first time? I understand that ideally if you don’t move the board it will cut the same lines. Unfortunately, I seem to move it just enough to throw off the design. I’ve found it helps if I use the zoom in settings (200 or 300%) but this isn’t fail proof. Any pointers or am I just out of luck? Tks.


I’ve moved this to Beyond the Manual because staff can’t help you with non-PG materials.

The quick answer is, yes, there can be variation in materials - but also draftboard is the dirtiest material one can cut, and loss of cutting power is the first thing that happens when your optics get dirty! Go here for the “Things that need wiping” section: Cleaning – Glowforge

Also - are you using the honeycomb hold down pins? If no, print yourself a handful and use them on everything. They are a wonder of the :glowforge: world.


did you check to make sure the boards are all three the exact same thickness with calipers? if one board is 1.24" thick and cuts just enough to make it through, another that’s 1.28" thick will not cut through. there aren’t many places who will give you material that’s always the exact same thickness.


Thank you so much! Yes I knew about the hold down pins but I didn’t know how to clean all the lens. I did that and it worked like a charm! Thanks again.


Pins are awesome! Cleaning is a must…

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In addition to the hold down pins, really simple cardboard jigs can help with having to re-cut, even if it’s just a jig to align one corner of your work!

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I always make sure my material is fixed tight to the crumb tray for this issue when I am cutting non Proofgrade. I also tend to make my cuts a bit powerful just to make sure I go all the way through if I am not doing material that needs a perfect cut.

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