What is the thickest material anyone has cut. I understand with the crumb tray out it can hold up to 2 inch material. Can you cut that, one pass, two passes?


PS. I would be experimenting but I had to send back my first unit, waiting for second.

The thickest I have seen reported is 1/2 inch and that required multiple passes. There may have been something thicker that I missed.

Highly doubt anything >1/2" will happen on this iteration of GF, cleanly or safely, with any number of passes.

If you need something that thick you could always cut x4 1/4" sheets.

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It was my understanding that it was like this:
Engraving only (but not always) without the crumb tray.
Cutting always with the crumb tray.
Even if you could cut through something without the crumb tray in, you wouldn’t want to. You could cut into the bottom of the :glowforge:
I guess you could have a sacrificial piece of something that does not get cut all of the way through, that you could put below what is being cut, but I think that the 1/2" max. has been tested a few times by people on the forum, with multiple passes.

The risks on the bottom is not cutting into the base, but reflection. Cutting thicker does depend quite a bit on the material and how clean a cut you want. I’ve found some materials that won’t cut on 100 passes, and some that cut on almost nothing. I have a plan to test some 3/4" Oak (not recommended) just to see what it takes. I have a tile for backstop to prevent it hitting the bottom.

I’ve cut 1" (real, not nominal) poplar with 2 passes (lots of charring) or more zooms and 3 passes.

3 passes of Full burned through the poplar and 2 1/8" Baltic Birch panels I was using as a stacking spacer to get it to the right height.