Questions about non-proof grade


I know this isn’t support however, I am trying to get an 1/8" hardwood white oak to cut through but the only way i got it to cut was a 3 pass, full power, 100 speed. It practically burned the whole piece.

Any advice, or is white oak a substance that is very hard to cut for the laser.

Thank you

That doesn’t sound quite right. It’s hard but not crazy hard…

How is it cutting on Proofgrade material? Those settings working ok for those materials?

Are you setting the material height accurately in the unknown material section?


This is where my mind goes after “is it cutting right on :proofgrade: ? Use digital calipers to see just how thick it is. 1/8” can run anywhere from .095" to .130" in. If it is at one end and you have not actually measured you will get this kind of behavior.


Proofgrade cuts just fine, no issues last time i cut. However, I set the material height as .12 and .15 to see if it makes a difference. The only successful cut I have so far is .12 - Full power, 3 pass, 100 speed. I had tried to set .15 - full power - 150 - 2 pass and got a scorch mark on the back of the wood but, it did not cut all the way through and the flame was rather large.

Well, I have a set of calipers but they are battery powered and I have to get a new battery.

attached is a photo of all my attempts, masking tape should not make a difference in cutting no? It is the same thickness as proofgrade walnut, i tried both the walnut settings and hardwood cherry settings and it did not cut through either.

Thank you.

Is the material being sold as flooring or as a scrollsaw or project board? Multiple people have reported issues with trying to cut [insert species here] flooring and have had success similar to yours whereas project/scrollsaw boards of the same species cut just fine.

it is definitely not wood floor. I know typically wood floors have some sort of underlayment. This is hardwood from a hardwood store up the street.

I wish I knew what was wrong. But, maybe the species is too hard to cut through is my only thought.