Questions for Dr. Baudisch of Hasso Plattner Institute

Continuing the discussion from Plantener software for low-fidelity prototyping:

I spent some time looking through the projects from the The Human Computer Interaction Lab at
Hasso Plattner Institute.

They have done some amazing work, and at least one project that made me laugh out loud:

@dan mentioned that Dr. Baudisch ( ) had stopped by the Glowforge offices, and that leads me to think there may be some Glowforge projects in their future.

I would be VERY curious to learn if they have any plans to make the Platner software available in some form.

The other project which we have discussed here previously is the stack/weld process and I would like to know if that is something we could do in a Glowforge as well. I assume yes since there will be software focus control.

If anyone has other questions @dan has (tentatively) offered to forward a list to Dr. Baudisch.
Post them here!


Now this software is Very much Fascinating…will bookmark for further study. Thank you @jkopel


My question would be if the lowfi is not going to be released as open source, is there a simple hack to get our current tools to do this trick for us even if very crudely.

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Very interesting, a slicer that considers planes and adds joints.
I’d like to know what it was that stopped 60%+ of the models from being interpreted correctly?

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