Questions on additional designs

I am new to the glowforge. Setup my new gloforge yesterday and have many ideas I want to start designing once I get a better understanding and creating a few smaller projects. A question I have however; Are there other sites that you can get designs from? There are some really cool ideas here, however I am looking for a couple for my personal use and wondering how to track them down to ask the designer for use or purchase of their design.



Etsy is the most often referenced. There are others but none as popular, at least according to what I’ve seen here.


Thingiverse has a bunch, so does instructables.

Also there are lots of generators, like for boxes and gears.

Check out #3:

(Really check out all of it, good stuff in there.)

Also don’t rule out google as a source for projects:

And the old “inurl:svg” google image search trick:

Then lastly I’d you’re still stuck come back here and ask more specifically. “Hey I’m trying to make or find a premade candle lantern design that is Halloween themed, anyone got any pointers?” will probably get you all sorts of practical tips.

The only caveat is that it’s against forum policies to ask someone for project files. If you see someone’s project and really like it you can ask them how they designed it or specific process questions but asking for the files is disallowed. For more info on forum policy:

Welcome! Looking forward to seeing what you make :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum! There are so many designs out there, many even for free. All you have to do is Google “SVG files” and you’ll get all kinds of them. Who you get them from depends a lot on what kinds of projects you want to do. Such sites as,, etc., have both free files and files for purchase. And as @eflyguy said, Etsy is a great place to find files. And I would also suggest that you go through the “My First Prints” section in the “How To & Inspiration” section on the right of your dashboard. Enjoy, share what you make, join in the discussions. You’re gonna love having a Glowforge!


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