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I am back! We made a quick trip to florida for some stupid meetings. I missed my poodles and my glowforge and no I am stuck! I have a few orders to fill…

  1. My camera is not displaying the material in alignment and I am wasting materials. I did not do that when I first started using it…I tried centering it and letting it go through the scanning - no bueno.

  2. I just ran a project and it did absoluting nothing…no engraving no cutting…it did tell me to leave the lid down until it cooled off. Cooled off from what? It did NOTHING. The machine was not warm to the touch and when I realized it was not working -the laser was not firing.

  3. When I design something and it adds it to the “list” of other purchased items and available items - can anybody see it or just me? Not that I’m doing anything racey lol.

  4. Does the camera ever pick up the settings on the proofgrade materials I purchased?

  5. Does the setting for engraving have a default? io

So…can “somebodies” get me back on track?

Horrible migraine during the night and I’m going to have another one if my glowforge broke while just sitting here …

ps. My husband put a vent cover etc so I would not need to keep opening and closer the window ( I can’t reach the window). I did check to make sure it was not iced over…snow in Oklahoma. Could the vent cover be causing some problems???

There have been a number of posts about it “doing nothing” that turned out the power was accidentally at 1 , so definitely check that (the head will move through the motions because it’s “on” but at a power of 1 the laser won’t cut or engrave anything)

As far as the alignment - once you get it cutting again - there are a few posts about ways to check exactly how off your alignment is, but if it changed while you away I’d double check first that everything is on track and there’s no crud on your tracks either - then try one/more of these (read the comments as well as the original post):

Good luck!

If you are having trouble with your machine and need official help, you will probably want to open a new ticket in the Problems and Support section of the forum. That will cause a ticket to be assigned to it, and the Glowforge team will look into it for you. (They do like to limit it to one issue per ticket though.)

For your questions:

  1. It’s normal for the placement alignment to be off by up to 1/4" at the outside edges of the machine bed at this time. You can get a worse alignment if you have not entered the correct material thickness in the Unknown Materials slot when you are not using Proofgrade materials. So it helps to make sure that has been correctly entered. If you run a job on Proofgrade materials and see a variance of more than 1/4" between the after-image and the burned result, you will need to open a ticket on it. Provide a screen capture that includes the after image, the rulers, and the burn results when you open the ticket so they can look into it, along with the date and time of the print.
  1. The machine is designed to only operate in a safe (for the laser tube) temperature range. If the temperature of the coolant inside the machine falls outside of these ranges, the units are designed to pause until the correct temperature is reached. If the air temperature around the machine is close to the limits of these ranges, the machine will just wait until it cools off or warms up enough. The print will resume automatically when the correct temperature is reached if you don’t turn off the machine. :slightly_smiling_face:

Recommended Operating Temperature Ranges:
60F-75F (16C-25C) Basic and Plus models
60F-81F (16C-27C) Pro model

  1. You’re the only one outside of Glowforge that can see your files. (But do wear pants when you open the lid after a print.) :smile:
  1. It’s supposed to, but sometimes glare or a dirty lens on the lid camera can keep it from getting a good read on it. If that happens, just use the Unknown Materials dropdown menu - all Proofgrade material is listed there, and a quick search by type pulls up all the choices.
  1. There are different engraving settings set as default for different materials. Each wood, acrylic or Macbook has different default settings that work best for that material and thickness.

Oh, and the vent cover won’t cause a problem unless you forget to take it off when you use the laser. They’re actually a good idea for keeping the temperature stable.

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Man…I hate opening support tickets as they use terminology that I don’t know. It’s like talking to our IT guy and feeling like your in trouble. lol. It may come to that.

I had beginners luck and now I have to use my brain. NO BUENO.

Pant’s?? Really … I usually wear my superwoman costume or my spider man pj’s when I’m working.

Is there a camera on the side and on the bottom? My husband put everything together for me…I"m SHORT…and they don’t let me stand on steps on chairs! What do I clean it with?

You are SO Helpful! Thank you!

Chuckle! After each print finishes the lid camera takes a picture of the bed to refresh the screen image…if you open it too soon, that lid camera is generally pointed down at about crotch level when the picture is taken.

So we generally advise folks to wear pants. :hushed: :rofl:


Love it when I can resurrect an oldie.


Yep, I’d forgotten that one…we really need to ask Dan to implement some of these alternate badges. :joy:


Because this is the way I normally dress…

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You have wings???



Nightmares. I’m gonna have nightmares again. :grimacing:


But he had such great baby pictures…


What is really interesting about the Las Vegas red angel is that my bff started dating a man who claimed to be divorced for strange reasons. So I trolled the ex’s facebook page - just to make sure he was telling some version of the truth and she had the same mans picture in her photos but he was facing forward. Showed it to my husband and he screamed “my eyes, my eyes…I can’t unsee that”.

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