Quick and Dirty


Find myself in a position to come up with an anniversary gift for my Son and his beautiful wife. The date approaches, and it occurred to me the repository of talent and artistic eye here bears mining. I thought it would be cool to do this together_ :sunglasses:.
Asking for input on combinations of material among what I have. Maple, Walnut and Cherry.
Not going to worry about kerf compensation, it acts as a good score for pronouncement, just cutting the same file out of different materials, and swap the pieces. That makes it quick.
Since I am saying #^*% the kerf and soliciting Higher powers than mine - that makes it dirty.

Since the 7th calls for copper, the ‘7’ has been cut with a coping saw from 1/8" copper, carefully filed, smoothed and the face lapped from 320 to 1500, ready for polish. I had thought initially to inlay the ‘7’, but have decided I want it proud. It will be mounted atop the wood, with the upper edge of the metal slightly rounded for the touch.- The area above the heart will be ready to receive an engraved message, yet for Pappy* to compose.

  • It’s all his fault. “what do you want to be called?” Well, my Grandfather was Pappy to me, so yeah, I have been brought full circle.

The examples here are from ‘pre-processed materials’ (you have the new whole stuff, then pre-processed that has had work cut from them, then there is the carcass pile. Throw nothing away) I will commit whatever materials that are called for by the consensus here. Thinking of mounting it on a larger piece of contrasting material for a framing effect. :sunglasses:
How shall I proceed?
(the photos are quick and dirty too)


i like the middle one the most.


I would lean toward something like “…and the greatest of those is Love.” Seven years being a litt,e late for the old "Bread, so this house will never, know hunger… wine, etc"
Materials are way more unimportant than words from the heart IMHO.


Just to be difficult… is it possible to do the option that you didn’t show? Walnut background, cherry outline, maple heart? It would have a nice gradient/ombre effect. Failing that, I like the middle as well.

PS. Nice work!


Same here.


I would fully expect you to push the envelope! Nice. :sunglasses:


Tough to choose. The middle one really pops though.


For you M’lady


I was gonna vote the last one in the original pic, but I think I like the last, last one better.

No matter what, I don’t think their is a “Bad” choice. They all look great, and they will love the heart (No pun intended) poured into it.


That’s a piece of the magic, being able to manifest a thought into material so easily. :sunglasses:

“Art - the expression of spirit by means of matter.”


Nice. Flattened copper wire inlay in a groove around the heart & polished up would really pop.


The second one. The walnut really warms it up. That copper is beautiful!


I will wait until tomorrow for more input, but it looks like you nailed it Drea. I’m not surprised.


I think I agree with you. The maple is a nice highlight.


Bunch of possible combinations…


Love the copper on the walnut.


I have no doubt that whatever you choose will be great.

The only advice I have to offer is don’t take aesthetic advice from an engineer :grinning:


Ooooo, really like this one. Maybe you should line them all up in a horizontal display–they are all good, and I’d hate to see the others wasted.


This is good advice. :neutral_face:


I like the last one the most. The copper really stands out against that walnut. This looks fantastic, BTW! As far as a frame element, if you went with the last one that I said, I would use the walnut again as a frame to repeat that look. It would be a nice detail. And spray lacquer will really make these hardwoods pop.