Quick custom gift


One of the things I love most about the Glowforge is the ability to quickly make a custom gifts. Last week we added a couple new members to our family and my wife wanted to give a gift to the previous owner when we picked them up. My wife found the dogs through a facebook group, so a quick logo download and a little work in Inkscape and we had a nice custom gift to bring along.

Meet DeeDee and Brandy


How adorable! I’m sure the foster parents appreciated the special gift too! :grinning:


Dog stuff is universally great :slight_smile:

What materials did you use? PG?


Yes, medium PG Cherry and Walnut plywood. I used a kirf adjustment of .002inch (path->outset) on the walnut inserts. The “A” and “D” were a little tricky and needed their Cherry inserts adjusted by .002 as well – but inserted from the back side. The lower text is engraved.


Very nice … bet the prior owner was very surprised by the thoughtfulness of such a gift!


Very thoughtful and beautiful. Nice work.


I’ll bet they loved it! Came out amazing.