Quick gift book with rhinestones

I’ve been sicker than a dog this last week. The boy child had a birthday party to go to, so I had to pull up my big girl panties and figure out a gift. She likes to draw so I thought a sketch pad would be nice. Of course I own a GF so…
I also have a bunch of rhinestone fonts from Synergy 17 and rhinestones (hot fix, like for t-shirts) and I got this idea. What if I only lasered enough material to set the rhinestones down in? Turns out, it worked fairly well!
Sketch pad was a $5 one from Michael’s. Because I was using actual SS10 rhinestones I had to size the design to make the holes 3mm. I used 20% power at full speed the first time (wasn’t enough) and 50% power at full speed the second time. Picked the layers out with a hook tool (it looks just like a dental hook) and removed the mask (blue painters tape). Brushed the rhinestones in and heat pressed it (325 degrees for 12 secs, checked & pressed again for 5 secs more). The stones are definitely down in the cover and will be protected from side impact. I’m excited to try other inlay projects with rhinestones now.


Great use of the forge and thinking outside the box with other disciplines!


I also love when people come up with new ways to use the GF. This is pretty… I bet she loved it!


Wow, way to bling it up!


Inlaying them was a great idea!


Cute font and fabulous idea!