"Quick" Mother's Day gift

For my mom - her 7 grandchildren. Engraving on baltic birch plywood, took about an hour 20 to burn. I tried on Proofgrade Maple ply and it looked horrible after removing the tape. In my opinion, unless you have deep engraves, stick with baltic birch purchased on Amazon. That stuff is awesome.

Thought about engraving the text, but a simple cut at 250/75 with an outline on the text worked really well and was quick!

I’m really liking the old fence board surrounds. I’m downloading a bunch of patent images to make a series wall in my house. Join the sides with my Kreig and screws (only go about 3/8 in). I screwed up with this one, I usually trim the sides 1/4 inch so they’re flat / flush, but I kinda also wanted the rough edges for this - matches a lot of the decor in my mom’s house.



Lovely! Could you share the original, and the tweaked version of the photo that resulted in the great engrave?

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Turned out very nicely. Good work. Would love to see your photo and do print as PDF ? I’m not getting the results you have achieved. Thanks for sharing.

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Very nice … I’m sure she was thrilled with your gift!

How special! I’ll bet that was a complete hit with your mom! :smile: