Quick Pen Holder

My boyfriend is starting a new job and purchased a really nice, very heavy brass pen for his desk. I wanted to make him a pen holder for it. Since it’s so heavy, I decided to put a lot of acrylic in it, and I figured that black acrylic and walnut would look classy together to match the pen. I asked @Shell if I could borrow her beautiful arch design and repurposed it into this simple, single pen holder. The acrylic is essentially a solid block inside the wood frame and is quite hefty feeling. The top is finished as little sticker of walnut veneer.

Not bad for one laser thursday!

Photo Dec 29, 5 40 07 PMPhoto Dec 29, 5 40 15 PM

The quote is a quote from Naruto (I think). My boyfriend translated it and stuck it up on the fridge. I thought it made no sense until @anna.r rewrote it as “You don’t always get what you wish for, but you won’t get anything if you don’t wish for it first.”


Beautiful work


Those flowing arches are just so classy. It’s a beautful pen stand. And I love the quote!


Simple and elegant. Very nice gift!


Yes, the arches make a beautiful piece! It turned out lovely!


Stunning. Love the angled look. :grinning:

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Thank you all! <3

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