Quick poll. Introvert or extrovert?


This got me to wondering where we all tended to land on this spectrum.

So, how do you self-identify?

  • Introvert
  • Lightly introverted
  • Neither/both
  • Lightly extroverted
  • Extrovert

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It would actually be interesting to track the results over time, as more people answer.



Be even more interesting if it listed the avatars…might be fun to see if we agree with the self-assessments.



Right? Some people self assess very well, others I have me asking do you even know yourself?



I intentionally made it anonymous, I don’t want anyone to feel like he or she can’t be honest.



Chuckle! With this crew, it probably wouldn’t have been a problem. :smile:



It may also depend on how people are defining introvert/extrovert. I generally go with “is interacting with people invigorating or draining”, which we don’t necessarily see reflected in the way most people interact with the forum.



Lots of different descriptions of introverted/extroverted as well. I’m rarely the life of the party, by choice. But I don’t have trouble talking to people one on one, and am usually genuinely interested in hearing about people’s lives. Am I introverted because I don’t put myself out there? Some people think so. I don’t necessarily think so, but I’m not sure.

Anyway, I went with Both/Neither. I’m different depending on what the circumstances warrant.

So basically I don’t exist. :crazy_face:



Intentionally left phrased as “how do you self-identify” [emphasis added] for this very reason. I’m just curious what people think of themselves on this scale.



Oh well in that case…I’m average. If you stick me in a room full of geniuses, I’m sure I’m going to be quite introverted. :smile:

( But I’m probably politically incorrect with people I consider friends. I’ve been known to be a hugger.)



I have to be more extroverted at work so I tend toward introvert unless I’m among friends.



The labels introvert/extrovert (going back to Jung) are really about energy expenditure. An extrovert is energized by a room full of people, an introvert exhausted. Since introvert is so commonly used to mean “shy” a lot of people believe they aren’t introverts when they actually are. I’ve been outing people for ages now. I think people find it freeing to know that it’s “normal” to feel tired after a lot of interaction or to feel like you need time to yourself to recharge.

I love meeting new people and, while I hate small talk, I’m not remotely shy. I’m also perfectly comfortable speaking in front of a room/auditorium/crowd of people. Most people wouldn’t guess it, but I’m a hardcore introvert. After a couple of hours of being “on,” I’ll go home and take a nap or hide away in my office. Thankfully I married an introvert, so we get each other.

@Jules, you sound like an introvert. :slight_smile: There’s a reason many introverts spend a lot of time communicating online.



Happy Birthday! :grinning:

I think the main reason I spend so much time interacting online is that I find interesting and intelligent people here.

On the other hand, I do find crowds exhausting rather than energizing, and based on a couple of bad concert experiences where things got a little out of hand, they can also induce a little anxiety, so maybe introvert it is. :smile:



People and social interactions are merely a construct of an infinitely complex computer simulation. Think about it. If computer programs have evolved from simple binary choices to today’s life like VR worlds in only 70 years, how complex and real do you think simulations will be in 10,000 years? Wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. Actually, don’t bother thinking about it. Your’re not real. (Going to try West World after this one ends.)



This is so true. Plus it’s so much easier to find broad and varied opinions about how to solve problems :slight_smile:

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Hope your birthday is most fabulous!



The psychiatric definition of introvert vs. extrovert is exactly as @redshift and @ChristyM said. Introverts draw their strength from solitude. Extroverts draw theirs from social contact.

Introverts can be very extroverted online. I’ve surprised a lot of people who knew me first online and then met me in person and expected me to be chatty and social. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Me too. I talk to people all day, and go home pretty much mute from mental exhaustion. Not long ago I had a really funny story about one of my coworkers I wanted to tell my husband, but I didn’t have the words for it until I’d sufficiently recharged, which happened around 3am. At that point I shook him awake to tell him the story. Fortunately it was funny enough that he said it was worth waking up for, so he wasn’t annoyed at me!






So far the poll results are trending the way I expected. :slight_smile:

I couldn’t read the simulation hypothesis article because it demanded that I turn off my ad blocker. I block ads because they always wiggle and jump around and set off my inner ear disorder and make me dizzy. For some reason the ADA doesn’t do anything to protect vestibularly-challenged people from discrimination! :stuck_out_tongue: