Quick Robin! To the BatForge!



October 30 at about 2 in the afternoon I got a text message:
“hi, I am the room mom for Mrs D’s first grade. Would you be able to come help with the Halloween party tomorrow?”
I said sure, I can come.


Just saying, that’s a lot of trust in somebody that you met for 5 minutes once. And not a whole lot of preparation time.

The 6-year old boy really likes Wild Kratts and is interested in animals. It’s his class, and so I am figuring the rest of his gang will enjoy what he will enjoy. I hope so… because we are going to have an echolocation bean bag toss.

The wee ones will be blindfolded and try to hit my 12-gallon bucket by listening to the chirruping phone.

And [Here’s where the glowforge comes in…] they get a take home, thanks to my recent smoke-gray translucent acrylic from the scrap bin at the sign shop.

When cutting something dark, like smoke acrylic that I’ve unmasked, I usually drop a sheet of copy paper on the bed underneath for easy registration. The lid camera doesn’t give me easy lines when cutting dark on dark.

The byproduct today:

Bat confetti.

It’s great to have something quick and cool. I’ll probably make a few more and drop them into my teal pumpkin bowl.

Even more 3D (Bat and decorative tile)

Good thing you’re a quick thinker!


Great idea! :sunglasses: The echo location game sounds like a lot of fun!


Wahoooo! Great game, and those are particularly nice bats.


I found a bat-in-flight picture online, modified, traced, and tiled.
I try to be decent about copyright, and I figure if I can’t synthesize my own complex shapes, at least I can rinse a few times so I’m not fully stealing somebody’s work.
Maybe I’m right, maybe I’m wrong.
I did avoid the mark of that guy in Gotham… so that’s something.


That’s a winner! :grinning: