Quick slate test

Just a quick test of slate from Lee Valley, and the new engrave interface.

A small part dislodged front he stone, which is the weird chip you see. Otherwise a crappy Google image dragged into GFUI and about 6 min at 1000/15. Next time better image quality. The power setting were a complete guess, but seem great.

The new engrave interface is fantastic. 3 different styles to choose from with good options. And as you play with the settings , you can see how it changes on the work piece.

Lil note, the pattern and dot bars are actually sliders that you can set interpretations of the image to how the laser fires.


I’m having problems finding anything other then Lee Valley for these. And they charge an arm and leg.

The darker slate gives a better contrast, black being the most pronounced. Figures since I have a couple hundred pounds of grey stuff.
On my particular flavor of slate, I noticed 50% power (under the old standard) was close to the sweet spot. Higher power started leaving tiny black globs of glass-like deposits scattered on the engrave.


Or old house restoration folks - or anyone else who does slate roofing.

Our church had its roof replaced (slate) about 5 years ago. Had I known then…


I picked up an armful of slate shingles at an architectural salvage store a couple years ago and, a couple months ago, a friend sold his slate roofed house and gave me his spares. Haven’t had a chance to experiment with them yet.