Quick staining proofgrade leather?

Hey guys, I have a large leather order coming up soon and I need to pre stain my sheets of proofgrade leather. I was wondering if anyone had any tips, tricks or tools for getting stains applied to the leather? In the past I’ve used little wool daubers but I have found that it takes forever to do and I end up getting tired after half a sheet. I’ve also noticed some streaking with this. Any tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated!! This is the stain I use

and this is an example of the results I’ve been getting.


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When dyeing large pieces use a sponge, like a microfiber sponge. Or a piece of an old t-shirt. You need a bigger material than a dabber, which will leave streaks on large pieces. You need to really saturate the sponge with dye and work quickly (I usually dye from right to left, but that’s just a personal preference). Will need more than one coat, most likely, but it depends on the color you are looking for.


I’ve also heard that it helps to dampen the leather first. Can any leather workers confirm?


I’ve been experimenting with oiling (neatsfoot) before dying and I’ve been getting good results from that. The old adage that “dry leather is thirsty leather” seems to hold pretty true.


Amazing!! Thank you so much guys!! You were right lol using a sponge or a t-shirt was way easier. Also dampening the weather ahead of time helped a lot!! So much easier

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We are getting quite a bit of damp weather here right now so I guess that’s good for leather…

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