Quick Tip: Put a Plasti Dip Spray Cap on CRC Dry Moly Can for Vastly Improved Spraying

The title pretty much says it all, but here’s an anecdote anyhow:

I was grumbling over a sputtery can of Dry Moly for the Nth time tonight when I happened to glance over at my paint rack and got to wondering about nozzles. It seemed to me that the CRC Moly’s issue likely stemmed from a non-standard aerosol being forced through a very standard spray cap. So I went to my rack and after a moment, my eyes fell on a can of Plasti Dip.

Now, that stuff isn’t a gold medal winner in the No Sputter Games, but it’s also even thicker than Moly, so I figured maybe its cap might at least flow Moly well. Anyway, I didn’t figure I would be able to find out for sure because it seemed highly unlikely that the two caps would be interchangeable…but wouldn’t you know it, they are! The Moly now comes out in a beautiful fine mist and the Plasti-Dip cap can be turned for different spray angles! (you’ll a pair of fine needle nose…noses?)
Time will tell if it clogs on me, but for now it’s working worlds better than it did with its measly little stock red cap.

Which, by the way, I also discovered is identical to the cap on Mod Podge. Not that there’s anything wrong with Mod Podge, but it is cheap and has a cheap cap. It seems like Moly ought to have a better system at its price point.

Well, anyway, I hope this is helpful to someone. Happy lasing!



So tell me the story about the Modpodge lies!


I have no end of issues with spray nozzles, I now generally take them off and throw in a small jar with paint thinner after use. I probably have a dozen I have to rummage thru to find one that fits, and even then they often don’t work - and, yes, I invert the can and spray them clear after use.

My CRC moly is useless. The nozzle it came with is permanently blocked I fear.


Would it make sense to get a set of these, do you think? If you don’t have Plasti-dip?

Liquitex Professional Spray Paint Nozzles, Assorted 6-Pack, 6 Count (Pack of 1), Black/White Amazon.com


They don’t fit many cans, at least the ones I bought don’t. There are so many types of cans. You can sometimes find them at hardware stores but many don’t fit different can types. You would think they would standardize…


Where is the confusion, lol.

Generally you will find one of three sizes in the paint world. A lot of the non-paint sprays use one of the same three sizes. art primo has a good breakdown on spray caps here: