Quicker way to clean off Dry Moly?

Hey yall! Ive been getting a lot of requests/orders for my bottle openers Im making like 5-10 at a time, sometimes double sided. I would say cleaning off all the extra dry moly is actually the longest part!

Right now I spray them completely with dry moly 3-4 coats. Cleaning them off after is messy, using a lot of rubbing alcohol and takes awhile (can be like 5 minutes each one).
I even tried getting a small container and soaking the entire opener in rubbing alcohol which makes removal a bit easier but still messy and takes time.

Anyone found an easier way to clean them, or maybe even the entire process? Today I was going ot try dish soap to see if that works since it removes grease. If that works, I wonder if I can just throw them in dishwasher set and forget


I’ve been using brake clean. But that maybe extreme. But it’s what I had on hand it works really.

It sinky. And don’t use it indoors. Only in a well ventilated locations.


Perhaps it may be worth the difference in time to pay the extra money for Cermark or LaserBond 100. I’ve successfully used Laser Bond and it washes off under running water at the sink. Nothing could be faster or easier.


yea but isnt cermark like $100 a can? I would have to dramatically raise my prices.
I’ll look into laser bond. That does sound easy though

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It clean very easy with alcohol and water. I never had a problem cleaning it.