Quickie on proofgrade acrylic


Not been doing much. Busy. (A pox on being born poor!!). Anyway… this took a little while. The GF is upstairs and had to cool for a bit. I guess I’ll have to relocate to downstairs since it’s only MAY.
This is getting some attention at my work.
Done in Inkscape. Thanks @Jules for the tut on converting text. (You know how is guys hate following directions). Just rearranged the order a bit.


I want one! :grinning:
(Well, I guess I can’t lay claim to being a veteran, but I love it!)


Very nice, thanks for your service!


“well practiced armed American”?


Yes. Well practiced, responsible and able.


Now I’ve got to get one of the lights for my next iteration. I’d love to have it on the windowsill.


Thank you and you’re welcome. (Though mine was during peace time, I have found out through a cousin’s research that military service seems to run in the family…including one ancestor who was at the surrender of Lord Cornwallis. Go figure😎)