Quilt block trivets


Being a quilter, quilt block designs are easy to come by. These trivets are made from medium proofgrade cherry, oak, walnut, and basswood. I glued them to some thin plywood from a big box store to keep them flat.


There you go! :smile:


Lovely… but won’t you get splinters if you sleep on that? lol :joy:


What a fun idea! I used to quilt and have plans on making each of my boys a denim quilt like I made for myself, siblings and mom years ago.

I will add this to my list of fun things to make…


Turned out really great!
Eventually, I want to do a painted quilt block for our front porch.


Ooooo, nice! It looks like marquetry.


Very nice. Cool how you can take the positive from one piece and plug it into the negative of another! :sunglasses: