R.I.P. Carvey

OK, I know it’s not strictly GF-related, but it I always considered it to be at least a second-cousin. The Inventables Carvey is dead. The company announced that it is no longer available and that support will end in a couple of years. I purchased my Carvey while waiting on the GF, at least partially based on Dan’s recommendation here in the forum. To me, it’s been the perfect complement to the GF. It’s amazing how much easier life is when you have a wide variety of tools to work with. My Carvey is working fine and I hope it stays alive for a long time, but I guess I’ll now start looking to see what might be available when that time comes.


That’s too bad.


oh no, that makes me so sad…

You won’t be alone in that boat, I would be surprised if collectively the owners with the skill didn’t create a path forward for the hardware.


The Carvey hardware really doesn’t seem to be too special, at least in the CNC guts. The only real specialty item I can see is the “smart clamp”. Even the smart clamp is pretty simple and there is a simple work-around if mine screws up (again). If someone identifies part numbers (and Inventables might even do so, they have a true customer SUPPORT program) it will probably be possible to correct most hardware issues. I’m hoping I don’t have to test this theory too soon!


Well, there’s always the guys that brought us the original ShapeOko (before the partnership with Inventables).


I never did follow the partnership through the years, but it seemed that the original guy split off around the time of the X-Carve.

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The Nomad is a great machine, small but so precise. It’s my CNC.

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Good to hear.

I’d be interested in eventually getting the ShapeOko XXL. I bought in the preorder of the ShapeOko2 and liked it, but small on area. I need a slight step up between the Glowforge and the Maslow.

I did look at the Nomad before going with the Carvey. The slightly larger build area pushed me to the Carvey, but the Nomad always seemed to be the more accurate. I considered it to be more of a mini-mill.

It’s a shame that the Carvey is going away but by the time they quit supporting it you will be ready to design your own anyway so all is good.


Sad news, but hopefully part of an evolution rather than extinction. I bought the Carvey at its Kickstarter stage.

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