Raccoon Dog, Taki

Made this raccoon dog for a friend of mine that loves raccoons.
Taki is in is new home now raccoon dog 0018
raccoon dog 0020
Made template on GF and embroidered the face and ears.


That is very cool! It’s impressive how many different uses that our Glowforge offers us each time we power it on. What a fun share for the group. Keep em coming!!


That is a very cute stuffed toy!

Did you use the :glowforge: to cut the fabric? Or did you just want to share more creativity here?

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OP states Glowforge used for making template.


Ah! I missed that last sentence under the last photo!

(I guess I was just too drawn in by the photos of the cute raccoon dog!)

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Very cute!

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@bill.m.davis, @dklgood yup used the GF to make the templates. When I first started making them I was using scrap cloth and had the GF cut everything. I have transitioned to thicker fleece, faux fur and sometimes real fur scraps I’m afraid that it would catch the GF on fire plus the smell would permeate the plushie.

I usually make paper templates first to get the sizing correct then use thick cardboard to make the final templates before I cut the fabric.

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