Rack and Pinion Box Closure Prototype

@timjedwards sent me this photo of our brother Jon helping with testing my game box design, and I got all warmfuzzy inside.

Since we all grew up and had families and moved hundreds (many of them, in my case) away from each other, we don’t often get to spend time together, and when we do there are swarms of progeny and parents and spouses and such needing to be fed and housed and socialized with. It’s been a lot of years since we got to sit down and work on a project together. Thanks to Glowforge and instant digital communication, we’re having a Washington / Texas sibling craft day! <3


I agree about the Apple Pencil being pretty great. I’ve tried a LOT of styli and, the Pencil blows them all away.

It’s not without its flaws – it rolls off surfaces at the slightest provocation unless you get a third-party clip for it and, falling tip-down can kill it.

I’ve seen them on sale as low as $65 USD (in June). I will try to remember to mention it here next time I see a deal.


My iPhone does that, too, especially without a case, but to some extent even with one on.

My grandson has observed this behavior, and thinks if it doesn’t happen on its own, it’s up to him to help it along…


Oh dear …

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Purchased! Thanks for the tip, @finh!

It’s taking shape…now with improved tolerance between upper and lower box halves, thumb cutouts and small vent holes to make opening easier, and increased box depth to accommodate storage of an adequate number of pegs.

I’m still not happy with the “privacy screen” design. I woke up with a new one cooking in my head, though. :slight_smile:


This is what I bought for my pencil. It’s silicon and protects the charging connector as well as keeps it from rolling off the table / desk.



I’m using these:



I love this and I will need to make it.

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Why not just rekey your function keys? That’s how I help those that I help transition to Mac.

The problem with Inkscape is being forced to transition FROM Mac, when we don’t want to. Such as having to use keys that a Windows app will recognize, instead of the keys we’re used to using on the Mac – specifically, Inkscape wants us to use the “control” key in places where we’re used to using the “command” key, and accidentally using the “command” key screws things up. It’s hard to switch back and forth, for instance going between Inkscape and the GFUI and having to use control-C / control-V in one window and command-C / command-V in the other.

As for function keys, those are MORE of a pain on Macs. :wink:


Just had to let you know that I made one of these from your design. Really nice work on the design and the details. I love the rack and pinion lock. Now I am looking for ways to use it.

This design and some others I have seen recently really make me appreciate the kerf work. making things fit so perfectly. Anyway, thank you for sharing.


Thanks for the compliments! :blush: And thanks for sharing your make – it always feels good to know people are enjoying my designs. :slight_smile: