Radial stretch in software?

Suppose I have a pictorial design , which fits into a segment of a circle of 120 degrees, lets say 8" outer radius and 4" inner radius.
I now want to stretch the design to fit 144 degrees, keeping the radius of the outer and inner curves the same.

I’m familiar with photo editing programs that allow you to skew or change the perspective by pulling the outer corners, but these all distort the layout in a linear fashion, if you will.
I need some sort of radial stretch to perfom the change, and at the moment I can only think of some sort of re-mapping the original shape to the final one.

The best I’ve done is to chop the original into 24 segments of 5 degrees, then copy and paste each one into a new file with a template layout of segments of 6 degrees, and stretch each one in turn to fit the template segments. This then involves a certain amount of blending/fudging the joins, and it’s all very slow.

So if anyone knows of a better path, I’ll go there !

EDIT Used Corel for years, up to ver 12, now learning Gimp and Inkscape.

Interesting question. The only thing I know to do here is with circle objects, you can drag their handles to make them arc objects.

In your case I think maybe you’re doing it the same way I would with a careful slicing and rotation.

It might be possible to set this up as a pattern along a path, but it’d depend a lot on your art. Check out the path extensions menu and google around.

Please post if you find a better way, this is a good one.

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Many years ago, I had my first photo editing program, can’t remember its name, but one thing stuck in my mind was that there was some sort of mesh distortion tool.
I search a few years later for an upgrade to the original software, but the suggestion was that the programmers all went to work for Corel !
You had a mesh overlay over the photo, and good move the nodes of the mesh, and drag the photo with it. I think that sort of tool still exists in these ‘distort/punch/swirl’ type of effects.
It would still mean a lot of manual work, so I’m really looking for an automated version, I suppose.

Illustrator has a mesh tool like this.