Radioactive Atreus keyboard

I’ve made a ton of keyboards on my laser; mostly from wood. I started doing acrylic a while back with some translucent black sheets I’d bought at a plastics dealer in a nearby city, but I went to see what kind of translucent options the Glowforge store had. I was surprised to see that bright green was the only option, but added a sheet to my cart just for kicks.

When I went to cut the green top and bottom plate, I accidentally left the settings on a higher level I’d been using to cut the middle two layers, which used a much thicker black translucent material. It ended up with a rougher, somewhat damaged look, so I decided to roll with it and build a “radioactive” themed keyboard:

It’s pretty different from my usual subtle wood grain! You can see more of my keyboard builds on Flickr.


Really neat! Are you a pc modder? My brother likes to do that.

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Thanks! I have built a couple computers (using my GlowForge of course) but they’re not what you’d usually think of when you hear “PC modder”:




The green looks really cool for this!