Rainbow painted tile settings

Rainbow tiles
Started with white tile

  • I spray painted the rainbow colors first and let it dry. Putting thick layers of paint will give you more wiggle room. You can see in the white tile on the lower right “E” that I was too thin with the red paint and it ate through to the tile.
  • Then I did another spray paint top coat of white (or silver) and let that dry.
    (The bottom pic with the paint cans is what it looks like prior to adding the top coat.)
  • I lasered off the very thin top layer of white (or silver) paint revealing the rainbow colors below.

Power 15/speed 975 /270lpi
I also defocused the laser on the silver tile. The actual height was .3 and I set it at .4 so there was a wider beam hitting the surface. This helped get rid of the lines you can see in the “E” of the white tile.



Thank you for your post and sharing your process!

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thank you so much for sharing this!

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Love these posts with the DIY instructions!

—umm am I the only one that read the subject line as Rainbow tables? I think I am hyperfocusing on my career move and upcoming certification class…

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