Raising Acrylic over Draftboard

I have a base draftboard of a logo that I finished yesterday. I’d like to cut the skyline and letters out in Acrylic. My plan is to attach the letters just a little offset to make it look like a shadow.

But I’d like to raise the skyline a little bit (will probably be white acrylic).

What are the little riser things called and how do they attach? I’m thinking of those little discs that you see on nameplates outside offices. No idea what the name is or if there’s a better way to raise them.



I think they are usually just referred to as "standoffs"here are some on amazon


That’s certainly better than “thingies!”

Any other ideas on how to raise this?

Also called “spacers” and “mount posts” depending on the application. Brass or chromed are common in the PC world (for mounting circuit boards above cases, for example.) Many of those have the advantage of having threaded ends already, so you would only need a small hole in your backer material.

None as elegant.


you could laser cut some donuts and use a guide pin?
kinda like this


I really like that idea!

I love using guide pins for stuff lol. All tho it wont look as “premium” as the metal ones it will get the job done.

As you can see with this sneak peek of my next laser rabbit hole i fell down. Project not completed but getting close and guide pins are my best friend atm


Hey! Nice gears! :joy:

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Holy crap that looks amazing.

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hehe thx :slight_smile: was a good idea, need to send that guy a cookie or something who came up with it

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Thx it has been the bane of my existence for a couple days now but the end is near.


One issue you might run into with the idea i suggested tho is if you want the guide pins to go through the bottom board as well it will be very difficult to accurately line it up if you have already engraved the bottom board and removed it from the print bed. but you could always just ignore the bottom hole and have it only go through the top and then just manually align it on the bottom and glue it in place that way.

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