Randojunk.com a calculator for scaleing svg to your material

We made a online calculator to scale a model to match your material.


Things to note is that you need calipers to measure your material, you will want to pull a corner back both sides of the tape on your material to measure just the material and not the masking tape. We have found the kerf of .06 works and this is adjustable but remember this is for both sides so a 0.06 is a 0.03 on each side

How you scale the file will depend on your program. We used illustrator.

In illustrator there is a measure tool you can draw a line from one end to the other of a slot ( zoom as far in as you can and hold shift to get a straight line you want to be accurate here)
It’ll tell you the distance in the slot and that should be the thickness of material it was originally modeled with. Plug this into the calculator and plug in the material size you need it to be. It’s in mm
It’ll give you the scale percent to change to get that.
You use the scale tool in illustrator by double clicking the scale tool and then you can type in your new value. You’ll want everything selected.

Once done it should have scaled. To double check it’s right use the measure tool once more to check the slot gap and see that it’s what you needed it to be allowing for the kerf remember.

Then it is smart to cut only 2 parts that slot together from that model first. Grab 2 parts you know go together and cut them. You check the fit and make sure it’s all correct before you commit to the whole file.

I plan to make a tutorial on this in the future but it’s pretty straight forward and can easily be done with hardly any skills in illustrator or inkscape.