Random Earrings and a Lamp

Lmao…I’m laughing so hard. Maybe when all the fires calm down, I’ll try to head up there…but by that time, I might need to rent an SUV or something, I don’t have confidence my car will survive driving through snow. I still have not toured the west coast, or the upper middle of the country. Oregon and Washington are on my list of places to see though.

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Nice, I could try that. Maybe I’ll get one for my next try. I wanted to use a colorful picture, but when I asked my neighbor for a photo, the ones she sent were all pastel-y and drained of color.

I went to Ikea and bought a hanging lamp type fixture that I thought would work, but it ended up being too bulky, and my measurements were 1/32" off, which I realised after I put it together, so it didn’t fit at all and I wasn’t in the mood to dremel it. So I cannabalized another lamp (running out of spare lamps at this point), and just screwed that fixture on from the inside.

Afterwards, I realised white bulbs diffuse the light so much that it doesn’t cast appropriate shadows. So I removed the clear bulb from my refrigerator, and viola! Nice shadows…but it’s too bright at 40W, so I’m thinking a 25W clear bulb…plus, I really needed the fridge light, probably the only thing that keeps me from drinking the hot sauce when I’m half asleep in the morning.


I wish I could like this more than once!

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Great variety of projects. I really like the lamp.

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These are nice! Love the cats and fungus! The lanterns are pretty, too!

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Thanks! That’s one lamp though, all four sides are different, so I was just trying to show the different angles. Studlio Ghibli just released 500 images they said:

“* Please feel free to use the images within the bounds of common sense.”

They are so colorful, I might try to see how well that sublimates to see if the colors stand out a lot when backlit.

The lantern is lovely. I’m sure it will be treasured. A fabulous assortment of earrings!

I delivered it last night. She loved it.


Excellent work. Like all of the earrings. Thanks for sharing.


Can I ask what kind of black paint you are using? Halloween is coming up and I recently made black earrings but I don’t like the finish.

I don’t use paint. When it comes to paint and glue, I am an absolute mess. Above, I use proof grade black acrylic for the cats on the moons. And the rest I used 1/16" 2-color laser able plastic, black on the top layer, silver on the bottom. Then I just engraved the black away.