Random Pro-Jects just playing around


A box made with a sharpie and scan/trace for a gift for a friend.

A little token using waste parts to show the gf one of the things the GF could do.

Good hopper would be to smooth out cut lines for us shaky handed people.

also didn’t see I’d tripped over the exhaust hose and pulled it back in the window. Smoke detector works in the forge room.


ROFL! Cute gifts and even cuter stories! (Just one thing…the gf should probably be the one capitalized.) :wink:




The shift key is so hard though. Honestly wasn’t going to capitalize either but decided that might just be a little too much chaos.



Edited to add: OMG, now it’s going to be stuck in my head all day!


“Gir! Why is there bacon in the soap?!”
“I made it myself!”