Random shelf

My first new design on the new computer I got from Black Friday deal. Pretty happy with it. Randomly thought of a three layer decorative shelf with a leaf cut out design to make on it. Might have to make different versions of these. Originally I had only two layers and it was a little wobbly, this one is much better.

Files for this one are up for grabs on freshstartcustoms.com or FreshStartCustoms - Etsy if interested in making one.


Turned out nice!!

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Thank you

With multiple layers, there is a good chance to close off the fingers so none appear at all. I have been looking at some of the thin (3/4") styrofoam boards and thinking that wood glued 1/8" ply top and bottom might provide extra strength by being farther apart, though multiple cardboard from boxes could accomplish a similar effect if a layer of edge veneer were added. There is already a lot of MDF with veneer out there that the MDF would fall apart easier than the foam would.

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Great job! Iove it!

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