Raspberry Pi 1B Case

I have a few of the early Raspberry Pis. One of them runs Octoprint for my Creality Cr10s 3D printer. I have never made cases for these. I need to get a case for this one floating around before something shorts out.

I used Inkscape and the tabbed box extension. Here are the prototypes.

First was with cardboard to get all the holes set correctly. Then tried with some Proofgrade walnut plywood but didn’t have the kerf compensation dialed in. I noticed I had a few 3mm plywood coaster blanks lying around so decided to try them out. Took a few tries to get it tweaked just right for a press fit. 2.8mm thickness and for this softer plywood, a .25 kerf compensation. I used medium Basswood settings.

Edit: reposted extension setup for kerf management.

A year ago I was in heavy production mode with the coasters for my niece’s wedding.

Edit: tweaked to manage how the Inkscape tabbed box extension compensates for kerf. And added a RPi logo for top vents and an alternate vent design, just because.

Not too sure how useful this file is going to be for anyone given the purpose and the material. That is the one thing about these tabbed boxes, it works for specific materials. Proofgrade is great for this reason, to have different materials available for the same design.


fun making enclosures!


Nice Π cases.

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Ive been looking for an case for an older Raspberry pi i use as a print server for my Rollo printer and had not found the right version. I think this one will work. Thanks for sharing.


It’s a pretty tight fit. Not sure what the variance is allowed for the circuit board. I took dimensions off of one and it fits tight within the box, but I could get the length perhaps .25mm longer and not have it press quite so hard. I used the dimensions I measured that were consistent with the spec sheet. Might have needed some allowance in there, but it works. Although the box maker has kerf compensation, I’m not quite sure how it figures this and measure the actual part inside compared to the drawing. Haven’t done that but I suspect I need to make my box 85.25 by 56.25mm to get the fit.

Dimensional drawings.

In fact, meaureing from slot to slot gives 84.75mm so it does compensate and cuts off. I had not ever done the measuring for the boxes I made using the extension because the inner dimension wasn’t critical. Well, except for the Kleenex Box but that has enough allowance that I didn’t notice.

I will redo this and update it to reflect this and repost the file.


Protection at last! Yeah!!!

Nice post! Like that you posted the settings you used in Inkscape with the tabbed box extension.

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